Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More pictures from this weekend...

Boy, it's awfully hard to get a family picture with a baby & the self-timer on the camera. Especially, when said baby has a weird phobia of sand, & screams when you sit down on the sand! Finally, after trying on THREE separate occasions to get family pictures, we have one that isn't too bad, considering the circumstances.

Ryleigh was a little bit scared of the waves at first. She would grab onto Jeff or I & hold on for all she was worth. Eventually, though, she seemed to lose her fear of the water.

We got to eat some wonderful seafood on Saturday night at Ray's Shanty. Ryleigh entertained herself by sucking on a lemon wedge. She made horrible faces, but liked it so much that we couldn't take it away without her crying.

Talking to the "other baby" in the mirror

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