Monday, May 21, 2007

Going Digital?

I never thought I would turn into a digital scrapbooker. I just love working with my hands too much. But... the past few of weeks I have been trying my hand at digital scrapping -- & of all things, I think I kinda like it! It's really easy & fast, once you get the hang of it. I don't think I'll ever go completely digital, but I've really been having fun playing around with Photoshop. I told my Mom that I would post some of the things I've done, so here you go, Mom!


lettydru said...

Hey Shari, this is really cool! I hope we get a chance for you to show me some tips about that kind of design. Can't wait to see you all..
Love, Mom

Allen Mowery said...

Digital is the bloody best way to go!

So you do photography now? You into it a lot? I have a couple things in the works with my company and would be interested in seeing a portfolio sometime.

Great work!

mama2ryleigh said...

Thanks, Allen! The truth is that I would like to get into photography more, but at this point I'm still debating about which direction to go with it. Not sure if I should go for a degree first or if I should try to just keep doing what I'm doing (practice, practice, practice) & see where that takes me. Thanks for the comments & tell Alyse & Kylie hello!