Saturday, July 14, 2007

Long overdue pictures...

from the week of July 4th. I intended to upload them before we left for vacation, but I didn't get to it. We were blessed to be able to see both Jeff's family & mine in the same week. How unusual is that?! Anyhow... Jeff's parents, his brother Steve & his family & his brother Jon were all in New York for a few days, so we made a quick trip up to see them during the first part of the week. It had been over a year since Ryleigh had seen her Grandma Stratton, so that was a real treat!

Little Miss Kristen

Ryleigh was fascinated with the "ba-ba" (baby).

We all (us, my parents, Alicia & her boyfriend Dwight Habecker, Brent & Brenda, Ana & Shane) celebrated July 4th with my Uncle Mark & his family. It had been a whole year since we'd been out there to visit & it was so good to get to see everybody!

My beautiful little sis, Alicia.

Alicia & Dwight

The enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted (it started raining not long after we finished eating).

My cousin Andrea & my sister Alicia goofing off.

My cousin Heather's adorable daughter, Madeline.

Brent & Brenda

Ana & Shane


Jeanne said...

what very nice pictures..

Anonymous said...

I love all the pics! It was so great to see you all...what a fun day filled with wonderful memories. You have to hurry back soon to see our most recent addition!=)