Friday, November 16, 2007

A lot happening lately...

This has become one of Ryleigh's favorite toys. She loves to grab a "pidow", "bekett", & either "bunny" or "jo-jo" & get comfy.

Then, she pretends to sleep. If we don't notice that she was 'sleeping', she hollers "Mommy! I seep!"

Grandma Miller (Jeff's grandma) celebrated her 95th birthday last week. Here are just a few pictures from her birthday party.

The "Birthday Girl"

Ryleigh & Grandma Stratton putting puzzles together.

Ryleigh & Cindy really hit it off!

We got to see Alicia when the GBS choir was here on Sunday. Ryleigh didn't want "Tia" to leave & is greatly looking forward to having her come back for Thanksgiving in just a few more days!


Springer Family said...

Great pictures! :-)

Beth Stetler said...

Great pics!