Sunday, June 15, 2008

For my Dad....

Dad, I have so many wonderful childhood memories of you. You rarely complained about living in a "girls' dorm" (except for the times when you couldn't find any soap other than Bath & Body Works shower gel in the shower ;-). Even though we always acted like we hated your teasing, we really didn't & life just wouldn't have been the same without it! Almost every morning, you would greet me by asking me "Did you sleep like a pig in the sunshine?" You also made up lots of silly songs like "While Shepherds Washed Their Socks By Night" & would sing them over & over until we almost forgot the real words to the songs! Yes, you taught us to have fun & to enjoy being together as a family, but you also taught us some other important lessons. One thing that always made such an impression on my young mind was how consistent your devotional life was. Having your personal devotions was the most important part of your day. It didn't matter what was on the agenda for the day -your devotions were always first! I could go on & on, but I just want you to know how much I love you & am so proud that you're my Dad! Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

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