Saturday, June 07, 2008

Random pictures

Grant rarely just starts crying. Instead, he gives us this look as a warning that he is about to start the most pitiful sobbing you ever heard!

My little man.

Ryleigh is still very much in love with her little brother. She constantly asks to hold him. Many times throughout the day, she'll stop to kiss him. Then, she'llay her head against his & say "Sweet boy!" Jeff & I share many laughs over the things she says & does.

The other day, Jeff was reading Ryleigh a bedtime story. Grant was fussing a little in his swing. Apparently, Ryleigh was very disturbed that no one was taking care of Grant, so she got down from Jeff's lap & told him to "just wait." Then she went over & put Grant's binky in his mouth & crawled back up into Jeff's lap to finish the story. ;-)

I was rather startled a few days ago when I looked over & saw this. Oops!

It's so nice to have Tia close by again. The kids just can't seem to get enough of her!

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