Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grant @ 6 months

It's hard to believe that my little boy is six months old already! Here are some of his accomplishments for this month:

  • Sits up all by himself

  • Weighs 19 lbs.

  • Grabs anything that looks interesting - especially food from Mommy/Daddy's plate or the glass that they're drinking from

  • Has two teeth

  • Tries to get Daddy's attention while he's talking to Mommy & vice versa

  • Expresses excitement to see Ryleigh/Mommy/Daddy by kicking his legs & squealing

  • Puts everything in his mouth

  • Is fascinated by Ryleigh's talking Eeyore

  • Shows a strong preference for Mommy (Funny - Ryleigh always had a strong preference for Daddy!)

  • Doesn't spit up nearly as bad as he used to

  • LOVES watermelon & cantaloupe!

  • His schedule is all out of whack - we're working on adjusting it back to 'normal' (whatever that is)


collette said...

Such a sweetheart...I'm trying not to cry when I think about how much I want to hold him...


Martha said...

aww... he's adorable. I miss you guys.

Martha said...

aww... He's so cute. I miss you guys!