Friday, September 05, 2008

Finished Object Friday + A little update

I was trying to hang photos on the wall last night, so I arranged them all out on the floor the way I wanted them. Then, I had to go into the other room for a minute & when I came back, this is what I found. At first, I was more than a little annoyed that Ryleigh had created more work for me (for the 100th time that day!) but... then Jeff reminded me that she was being "creative" in her own little way & trying to "help" me. Well... when he put it that way, what could I say?! ;-)

I've always struggled to do Ryleigh's hair. The texture of it is so fine that it never stays in place for very long. It often looks like it's been awhile since I combed her hair, when really it has only a few minutes ago. ;-)~ It has been a never-ending source of frustration for me! Recently, though, I have come across several interesting blogs about doing little girls' hair (here, here & here) & I've been very inspired to try some of the styles modeled there. I have found that by using gel & pulling it very tight, it does stay in a lot longer. Here is the style I tried yesterday:

My F.O.F. project for this week was a housewarming gift that I made for a friend who just moved into a new house. I used a frame that I had on hand, but it was the wrong style for what I had in mind, so I spray painted it white, then distressed the edges. The saying was some word art that I had downloaded awhile back.

In case you can't read it: "It is the simple things in life that are the real ones after all."

Whenever I am giving a gift that I have made, I enjoy trying to make a matching gift bag. So, here's the one I made to match this gift. I just cut some strips of coordinating patterned paper (no measuring - that's the beauty of it!) & inked the edges. I glued them down (again, not straight) & added a little tag & a flower. Super easy & super cute!

In other news... Grant is having his first major teething session. He's not sleeping well & insists on being held 98% of the time. What happened to my sweet-natured little boy?? Funny how I totally forgot about how Ryleigh used to do this! Oh, rats, I hear him crying again - I better go....
P.S. Margaret & Juan, I will post more wedding photos (including ones of Tim & Martha Robertson) very soon - probably next week. I've kinda had to put photo editing on hold in order to concentrate on a few other things.


Springer Family said...

I'm with you on the 'hair problems!' I'll be checking out those blogs! I've been using spray gel in Kylie's hair and I found it works easier for me doing her hair than getting my hands all sticky putting it in! =) Maybe that's what you used but I didn't know they made it so I was thrilled to find it!! =)

mama2ryleigh said...

No, I haven't tried the spray gel, but I'm planning on getting some as soon as I finish this bottle. I totally agree - I hate getting my hands sticky putting it in her hair! ;-)

Charity said...

What a cute gift! (And I love the matching bag!) :) Ryleigh's hair looks great! I'll have to remember that style. Sometimes those sites get a little overwhelming there are so many cute styles!

Kara Plank said...

I like Ryleigh's hair that way! Clayton is teething too, and once he got his first 2 teeth, he stopped the chewing, drooling etc. - but for only 2 weeks, and now he's back at it again. ugh. The joys of motherhood...! =)