Tuesday, December 02, 2008


(A little background info: Ryleigh is getting a puppy for Christmas, but she doesn't know about it, yet.)

Jeff: Ryleigh, if you were to get a little animal for Christmas, what would you like?

Ryleigh: (very seriously) I want a "zweeba" (zebra).

Jeff: Oh, honey, I don't think we can get a zebra. How about something that's small?
Ryleigh: Okay, a squirrel!

Jeff: Well, honey, I don't think we can get a squirrel, either.

Ryleigh: (thinks for a while) I think I want an elephant.

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collette said...

Shari, Dad and I have had a great laugh over this conversation of Ryleigh's! These pictures of Thanksgiving and Jeff's family are so good and we are happy you had a wonderful time together.

Love you all!