Saturday, February 21, 2009

Celebrating Three!

Just a few facts about Miss Ryleigh @ three...

  • Loves to help out in the kitchen & with laundry
  • Calls herself a "little Mommy" & loves to play with her two favorite dolls - Kylee & Dearie Bertha (She came up with those names all on her own. I have NO idea where the "Dearie Bertha" one came from!)
  • Loves to color, play with her Polly Pockets, put together puzzles, "read" books, watch VeggieTales & play Candy Land
  • Is in love with the color pink & all things Princess-ey
  • Very good at expressing her opinion - strong likes/dislikes
  • Loves to sing along with her Hide 'Em In Your Heart cd
  • Really enjoys getting to "help" Mommy do just about anything except picking up toys! ;-)
  • Insists that she is going to be getting a little sister soon (We don't know because we've decided to be surprised this time. Hopefully, she won't be too disappointed if it's a boy!
  • Loves all of her "friends" (both kids & adults), but definitely has a shy streak if she doesn't know someone very well
  • Enjoys accompanying Mommy to her OB appointments
  • Likes to have devotions with Mommy or Daddy
  • Loves listening to the Chipmunks when falling asleep, but is often heard singing along
  • Is completely potty trained & rarely even has accidents at night (Yay - I thought it would never happen!)
  • Fills our home with lots of singing, giggling, shouts of "No, Grant!", running, jumping, & lots of funny conversations!


Andrea said...

Wow! She is so grown-up looking!! Time sure does fly!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

Alicia Plank said...

What a beautiful and sweet little girl. They grow up so quick!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ryleigh!
You and Madi need to get together and sing some Steve Green Bible songs together....that's Madi's fave CD/DVD right now!
Love you all!
Ken, Heather, and Kiddos

Kara Plank said...

Aww-I enjoyed reading the facts about Ryleigh. She seems like such a sweetheart!

collette said...

My sweet little gal! Sounds alot like her mommy when she was little! Can't wait to see her/them again...