Monday, September 21, 2009

Sabrina @ 4 months

  • I'm trying really hard to roll over, but I haven't succeeded yet.
  • I'm growing so fast & getting all chubby. Everyone comments on how big I'm getting.
  • Mommy just switched me to size 2 diapers.
  • I'm starting to wear mostly 3-6 months clothes.
  • I love to squeal & "talk" to people.
  • I still like to sleep with a blanket or something over my mouth. Sometimes , though, if I'm really tired, I can fall asleep without it.
  • I've made lots of new friends this month! The Penn View college kids are back & a lot of them love to hold me.
  • I recognize my brother & sister & like to smile at them whenever they talk to me.
  • I'm really partial to my Mommy's voice & will pay attention to her even from across the room. (Mommy hopes I will always listen to her so well! ;-)
  • My legs are so chubby that Mommy & Daddy have to push them down into my bumbo seat! ;-0
  • My mommy & daddy think I'm at such a sweet age & would love it if I would just stay like this forever.
  • Mommy thinks I might be starting to get teeth, cause I'm always drooling & chewing on my hands.


Anonymous said...

She is just adorable.

Raylin said...

Love that last one... she looks like she is thinking about something important! :)