Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas in Kansas

Okay, so I'm finally posting pictures from Christmas. And it's February 1st. Not good. Oh well... here they are, in no particular order.

Grant loved pushing this stroller around Grandma Stratton's house. The house is laid out in such a way that the kids could basically go in a big circle around the house - and that's what they did! They would push cars, wagons & doll strollers (basically anything with wheels) around. and around. and around. Yeah...they had lots of fun. Not sure it was such a thrill for the adults, but anyway.... ;-) Interesting side note about this stroller: Steph (Jeff's older sister) used to push Jeff around in it when he was a baby.

This is Miss Personality (a.k.a. Kristen). I wouldn't know this first hand, but apparently, she is the spitting image of her Grandma Stratton when she was a little girl - red hair & all!

One thing this family is big on is playing games - & I love it!
(*No, Jeff was not high, even though he looks like it! ;-)

Kristen & Ryleigh are two peas in a pod. They act so much alike - they're both little stinkers! ;-)

Uncle Jon & Sabrina just chillin.

It was so much fun to have Joe's girlfriend, Fernanda with us. Hope she wasn't too emotionally scarred after having kids pop into her room whenever they wanted. Sorry, Fern!

Steve & Tracy
Kylie, Kristen & Carson

Hmm...don't know about these people. Looks like Grant was having a bad day... or ready for his nap. Either way, it wasn't good.

Christmas Dinner

Sabrina @ 7 months

All ready to open presents!

Ryleigh reeeaaally liked the babushka dolls Uncle Jon brought her from one of his many travels abroad. The expression on her face is absolutely priceless!

Kristen really liked the "hat frog" (as she calls it) that Uncle Jon brought for her.

This little gal is such a Sweetie!

Ryleigh is Carson's little shadow (poor Carson!). She would sit & watch him play with his Nintendo DS for ages.

...and all good things must come to an end. Our suitcases & after-Christmas-sale purchases (insert squeals & a little happy dance) ready to get crammed into the car for the long trip back to Pennsylvania.

....and just one more irresistible picture of Kristen. I love how this one turned out!


Kara Plank said...

LOVE all these pictures! (especially the one of Ryleigh's "priceless" expression & the one of Jeff reading the story to the kids)

collette said...

Finally connected to DSL (at least temporarily at this hotel) and got to look at these pics you posted yesterday. I love them!! And so glad you got to spend Christmas with the Strattons in KS! Good to see all their smiling faces, but missed one of Mom and Dad Stratton....

GaultsinLesotho said...

I'm glad you got the pics up. the're really nice, just missing you all and wish we could have been there... Oh well another time.

Love Steph

mama2ryleigh said...

Oops! Andrea, I accidentally rejected your comment. Feel free to post again if you want to.