Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bree!

My baby is turning 2 today. I'm trying not to be depressed about how quickly time is flying. Seems like it was just yesterday that I held her for the first time & introduced her to her big sister & big brother. Wow!

Thinking about her birthday earlier this week made me think of this song that her Daddy sang for
her dedication just a few days after she was born. It expresses perfectly how we feel about her!'s an overview of how she has changed from a baby to a little girl in the past year:

 Celebrating her first birthday - May 2010
Trying roasted marshmallows for the first time - and LOVING them! - June 2010

At the park - July 2010

Meeting her cousin Kristell for the first time - August 2010

Enjoying church from the comfort of Nana's lap - September 2010

Getting spoiled by Aunt Darlene at Tia Lish's wedding - November 2010

 Spending Christmas Eve at Nana's house - December 2010

Celebrating New Year's with a root beer float at Aunt Brenda's house - January 2011

 Discovering the world of "kuwoh-ing" (coloring) - February 2011

 Little Miss Spunk (Daddy's nickname for her) - March 2011

Clowning around at IHC -  April 2011
 Helping Daddy pick out new glasses - May 2011

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Andrea said...

What a neat song!!! She sure is adorable!