Monday, September 11, 2006

Ryleigh's Breaking News

Her first tooth came peeking through today! After months of teething misery (off & on), it is finally making its debut - & we're glad to finally see it. She's been very reluctant to let us see it, but the little glimpse that I got was just the tip of it coming through & it feels very sharp. No wonder she woke us up twice last night. She never does that, & I couldn't figure out why until I discovered the source of her issues this morning. She was somewhat cranky today - especially whenever I would put her down for a nap. We're hoping (& praying) that she has a better night tonight! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I was sitting here at the computer studying for Sunday School tomorrow, and thought I would check your blog and see if there was another picture of Ryleigh! I had to call Papi who came running upstairs to see...we love her cute little grins. Like Grandma Stratton says, it sure does help span the miles! Just wish we could grab her in a bear hug.

Nana B

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shari! I finally got time to come see your blog. I absolutely LOVE this picture of Ryleigh!! She's soo adorable! ~Lish