Thursday, January 04, 2007


Nothing exciting to post here... just some new pictures of Ryleigh.

This is what Ryleigh is doing while I'm sitting at the computer... she loves to walk all around my chair,
reach up & see if she can push the keys on the keyboard, try to get over to the computer so she can push the reboot button, etc., etc. Such a handful - I have to watch her all the time!

She's trying to imitate the things that we say. Some recognizable words that she uses consistently are "Daddy", "Mama", "Pooh" & "What's this?". The other day I was reading her a book & making the animal sounds that go along with it. When we came to the "moo" that the cow makes, she started "moooo-ing", too. In fact, she liked that sound so much that she mooooo-ed every time I would make every other animal sound! ;-)

Ryleigh really loves the doll that she got for Christmas. It's kind of funny, because she wasn't
really interested in playing with it when she first got it. In fact, it never even got taken out of the box &, unbeknownst to me, got left under the Christmas tree. A couple of days after Christmas, I was sitting on the couch & she crawled around to the other side of the tree and started saying "Oh! Oh!". At first, I
thought she was talking about the Christmas tree, but when I went over for a closer look, I saw that she had discovered the doll, still in its packaging. As soon as I got it out of the box & gave it to her, she
got a huge smile on her face & started rocking it back & forth!


Myranda said...

I am Myranda - Melodie Sankey's sister. I love your blog. Melodie shared it with me. I absolutely love that pic of Ryleigh by herself. I love all of them, but that one is my favorite. She is a doll! Jada, my daughter, has that same doll. 8-) Can't wait to see some more creations!! 8-)

Luanna J. Wright said...

Hello Shari! I am Shawna's daughter Luanna. I am not sure if you remember me or not. But I was going to tell you I LOVE that picture of Ryleigh. It is adorable. If you would like to you can check out my blog at.... It is up to you but I thought you might like to. See you and tell your family hi!