Monday, January 08, 2007

Two Years

Yesterday, we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. Can't believe that two years have flown by so fast. On one hand, it seems like yesterday, but on the other, it feels like a lifetime ago.
Still, they've been the happiest two years of my life!


Myranda said...

Happy Anniversary! A day late! How exciting. Married life is great. We have an anniversary coming up soon ourselves. Love the time around anniversaries. I think it makes me think back to how I felt that year we got married. Been a long time ago - but I'll never forget how excited I was!

Have a great day.

PS - I did respond to you on my blog.

Sankey Family said...

Shari, I love your wedding pictures and hope you all had a wonderful anniversary....any news on the scrapbook contest results?

Missy said...

Hi, Shari. I am one of Melodie's sisters. I noticed your blog mentioned on Melodie's blog. Just wanted to say that you take awesome pictures and you definitly are one of the "queens" of scrapping. I love your style. Ryleigh is so beautiful!!Happy "late" Anniversary! We have been married 8 years, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Time passes so quickly when you are having fun!

You do a wonderful job on your blog!!