Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas 2007

Thought I would post a few pictures of our Christmas in Kansas with Jeff's family....
Enjoying Grandma's cookies.

Watching while Uncle Joe & Carson play a computer game.

One of the rare moments when Ryleigh & Kaitlynn were getting along. We all went to a Chinese restaurant the day after Christmas. After holding hands to pray, neither wanted to let go!

The results of Ryleigh's Christmas photo shoot. I have not had good experiences with taking Ryleigh to "professional" photographers (i.e., Sears). The last time, she refused to smile for them because she didn't know them. I'm also not impressed with their lack of imagination for poses. SO... I decided that I could do just as well at home. However, this really caused me to get all uptight about getting the "perfect" shot. I have been having a hard time getting really good pictures of Ryleigh, lately, because she has this horrible habit of wiggling as she's smiling for the camera. The result is gobs of blurry pictures & very few that are as clear as I want them to be. Oh well. These are my two favorites.

Carson & Kristin

Ryleigh & Carson had fun making a snowman in the front yard.

Steve & Kristin

Kaitlynn & Ryleigh ride on Uncle Jon's back.

Carson, Kristin & Ryleigh in their new pj's from Grandpa & Grandma. We tried to get all four of the grandkids in the picture, but were not sucessful.

Ryleigh, Kristin & Kaitlynn in their matching outfits.

Nick & his new wife Teri were able to spend a couple of days with us. (Nick has been a good friend of Jeff's since high school, but they hadn't seen each other for several years.) It was really nice to see Nick again and to meet Teri for the first time. She's really sweet & fits Nick to a T!


collette said...

Shari, I love all the pictures! It is good to see all the Stratton grandkids and all the fun they had together....great memories! Thanks for posting them.


Anonymous said...

I have missed your posts. WE love seeing the pictures you take of Ryleigh. I am glad you had a good time.
Aunt D.

Luanna J. Wright said...

We had fun while all of you were here in Kansas!

Luanna Wright