Thursday, March 27, 2008

One week already??

Lots of this has been going on this past week. I've been enjoying cuddling with my baby as much as possible, because I know that the "newborn" stage goes by so fast! So far, Grant has proved himself to be a very easy baby. He seems to be much more laid back than Ryleigh was & for that I'm thankful. Not that Ryleigh was a difficult baby - she really wasn't, even though she had her issues (most of which probably stemmed more from my inexperience than anything else). I definitely feel much more relaxed this time around & not nearly as unsure of myself. Grant is eating & sleeping very well & really doesn't cry much at all.

I think my biggest struggle at this point is with helping Ryleigh adjust to all of the changes in our house. She loves Grant & doesn't seem to be jealous of him, but she is definitely missing having all of the attention on her. She has been doing okay at home, but when we are in public, she's been acting out more & has been much more clingy to both Jeff & I. It also seems that we've taken several steps backward regarding potty training. Oh well... hopefully things will start getting back to normal before too long & that will help her to get back on track.


Springer Family said...

very cool pictures (as always!) I can relate to the 'acting out in public' lately!! Maybe its part of their age (I have no clue about these things) but Kylie's been terrible when we are out too...her big phrase is "Hold you!"

sankey family said...

I remember Jordan and Cameron both going through adjustment stages when the new baby was born. It'll pass soon.
You're right - enjoy that newborn stage. It's gone so quickly.

Liz said...

Sounds like things are going well there. We're doing our own adjusting here too - I think it is a bit more complicated (for me) adding a third child, but it is wonderfully fun too. I was much more comfortable with my second as well. Made a big difference for both baby and mama.

When Darrell Lee was about 7-8 months old, Gracie realized how much fun he was going to be! They began playing together and have since been super playmates - not without fusses, but you know . . All that to say - Ryleigh will relax with it too, I expect.

Hang in there!

Brenda M said...

Is your family going to make it to IHC this year? Hope we see you there!