Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Junk Store Treasures

I think I've found yet another hobby - thrifting. Finding cool old stuff at thrift stores, junk/antique stores & flea markets. I'm in charge of decorating for a Pampered Chef bridal shower this week & had this idea to use old kitchen stuff (pictures of the final project to come).So... my two sisters went shopping with me. I'm very happy with my finds. (Oh, the black metal basket had already been re-purposed by the time I took the pic. Originally it was gold. I spray painted it black & added the red gingham ribbon. I'm probably going to use it to collect all of the recipes everyone brings to the shower.)

I have been wanting an old scale like this for a while. It was a steal for five bucks! Also, when I got it home, Jeff says that his mom used to have one just like it. Very cool!

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