Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Story of the Bat

The house was quiet. The kids were in bed. The lights were off in most of the other rooms in the house except in the room where I was working at the computer. Jeff was off doing something in another part of the house. Imagine my surprise & horror when I looked up & saw a bat flying toward me into the room where I was & then past my head. Now, I never have been squeamish about spiders, but bats - especially when they're flying around my head - are another story.... Fortunately, I was able to refrain from screaming, even though my insides were quivering with disgust, revulsion and, oh yeah, fear. I looked behind me, but couldn't see where it had gone, so I called Jeff in to help me look for it. But after looking high & low there was no bat to be found. Then, no sooner had I stepped into the living room, when it started swooping around my head & then hightailed it toward the kitchen. Once again I managed to squelch my urge to scream (we didn't need to add two wide-awake kids to the mix). We opened the door, turned off all the lights & systematically went looking from room to room. No bat to be found. We googled "how to get a bat out of the house". Had we known the exact location of our resident bat, the suggestions would have been very helpful. In fact, one of the things I read mentioned the possibility of bats biting people while they were sleeping & them subsequently contracting & dying from rabies. Ahhhh! And I'm supposed to sleep with that thing in my house??!! Jeff just laughed & told me that the chances of dying in a car accident are much higher than one of us getting bitten in our sleep by a rabid bat. It wasn't that much of a consolation. Finally... I had to try to get my mind off of it & just hope that our little friend escaped via the open door when we weren't looking.

Fast forward to this morning. I had almost forgotten about the whole incident when Jeff noticed that he had taken up residence between the window panes of one of our windows. Thankfully, I have a wonderful hubby who doesn't mind taking care of projects like bat removal. It was bad enough that I had to get close enough to take the picture!

Grant, in typical male fashion, was rather amused & seemed to enjoy watching Daddy take care of the bat.

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Lydia said...

How horrendous!(and yet slightly hilarious). Christmas 2 years ago while we were at Mom and Dad's a bird got caught up in the house - it was just a sweet little bird (I felt worse for the bird than for us), but it was really hard to get it out of the house! WOW, a bat! Kudos to you for not screaming!