Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Week In the Life: Wednesday Photos + Words

Grant up multiple times during the night. Jeff & I are both so exhausted that we end up sleeping in until 7 a.m. instead of getting up earlier as planned. I decide to take Grant downstairs with me so that Jeff can try to get a little more sleep. I set him on the floor beside me with some toys and attempt to have my quiet time, but... Ryleigh wakes up soon afterwards & wants to play with Grant.

They play together while I have devotions & plan out my day. Ryleigh "reads" a book to Grant - she says "God made the kitties!"

Major battle of wills with Ryleigh. We are trying to work on her whining/crying habit, so she has to stand in the corner until she can stop. She keeps crying "I need a hug!" and "I stop, Mommy!" - VERY hard to ignore! In the meanwhile, Grant has a major blowout & HAS to be bathed. So much for my quiet time....

Grant goes down for a nap @ 8:45 a.m. I sit down with a bowl of Cheerios & try to pick up where I was before I was so rudely interrupted.
Ryleigh wants to sit beside me while she enjoys her breakfast of dry cereal & fresh pears. Thankfully, she isn't holding a grudge & seems to be in a much better mood.
Finally off to workout @ Curves - better late than never!
Cindy was training someone on the new CurvesSmart method. I'm glad that my training appointment is next week - I'm really looking forward to using the computers on each of the machines.

A couple of quick stops in Middleburg before I head home (the bank, Family Practice, etc.). At home, I feed Grant while Jeff meets with a guy who is giving him an estimate on sideing for the house. Take a little catnap while Grant plays beside me on the bed.

Sandwiches for lunch. Ryleigh eats spaghetti while I comb her hair. It's full of nasty tangles & she keeps crying "Owww! Be careful, Mommy!".

Leaving to go to town.
Keeping track of mileage.

Jeff & Ryleigh visit Stanley Hollenback & Dorothy Sassaman @ Riverwoods.

Grant & I head over to the Himelreich Library to drop off some books. They're closed, but Grant's diaper is wet, so I change him in the parking lot. Go back to Riverwoods & wait in the car for Jeff & Ryleigh. Ryleigh is so happy that Stanley gave her a bag of animal crackers - she loves sharing them with Mommy!

To the new Kohls' grand opening to use a gift card that expires this week. Bought some yummy smelling candles for Fall.

Ryleigh fell asleep on the way home.

I work on editing/uploading photos to Shutterfly so that I can place an order.

Thankfully, I had a pan of lasagna & some garlic bread in the freezer. Jeff gets them out & puts them in the oven for supper.


Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a very interesting day. Sometimes my days are like that and my baby isn't even here yet. I am really enjoying hearing about your week.

Kara Plank said...

I really like your day in pictures. Love the hat on Grant! Also, are the pears you are picking fuzzy? I went out and picked some off my tree to feed Clayton, but didn't know if I should wait until the "peach fuzz" goes away???

AIM said...

Enjoying the daily insights. Very creative. Ask Jeff if he is such a good cook why were our eggs green at jungle camp when us guys had to make breakfast? Where were his skills then????

mama2ryleigh said...

Kara - no, our pears aren't fuzzy. You must have a different type of pear. Try researching online.

Eric - Jeff says he has no idea what he did wrong to make those eggs turn out like they did. He must've had a lot more practice since then, 'cause that's never happened since. Also, it seems that I recall the whole breakfast you guys cooked being somewhat of a disaster! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Curves Smart. My training is next week too but I am not sure that I share your excitement about it yet.