Friday, October 10, 2008

A Week In the Life: Thursday Photos + Words

Thursday routines:
-Woke up @ 6 a.m. when Jeff came to kiss me goodbye (he was going hunting).
-Grant woke up a few minutes later
-Nursed Grant & then put him back to bed
-Downstairs for my cup of coffee & devotions.
-The Vanilla cr̬me coffee is nasty РI only have a couple of sips
- This is really bad – I’m falling asleep & not getting very much out of my Bible study.
-Considering going back to bed…
-decide to check something on the computer
-get sidetracked & wake up enough to continue on w/my day
-comb my hair
-catching up on documenting from yesterday
-to do list for today
-search for some recipes on line
-upload photos
-checked for a thyroid doctor recommendation from - I really need to find another good thyroid doctor since Dr. Hoffman is no longer seeing patients
-Ryleigh’s awake & asking for pears for breakfast
-Eat breakfast & get laundry started
-Grant wakes up @ 9:30 a.m.
-feed Grant & read “Letter Perfect” by Cathy Marie Hakes
-Ryleigh plays on the bed beside us
-Grant plays in his playpen
-I comb Ryleigh’s hair while watching “All Creatures Great & Small”
-Jeff gets home
-Jeff, Ryleigh & I work on pureeing & freezing pears
-Ryleigh really enjoys dropping the pears into the food processor
-Leftover lasagna for lunch
-Discussing vacation plans with Jeff as we eat lunch
_Jeff gives me a history lesson on Plymouth Plantation ;-)
-Walk to the park for a photo shoot with Matt & Christina - they need photos to send out with their wedding thank you's
-Ryleigh enjoys walking her baby doll in her stroller
-The weather is absolutely gorgeous & Ryleigh really enjoys playing while Mommy does her thing.
-Grant is lulled to sleep by the stroller & the breeze rustling the tree branches
-At home, Ryleigh goes down for a nap
-Grant plays on the floor beside me as I work on editing photos & blogging
-Not long after Grant goes down for his nap, I let Ryleigh get up. She never did take a nap – soooo frustrating!
-Listening to Dr. Laura as I do more photo editing
-Break for supper – leftovers/sandwiches
-Ryleigh & Grant take a bath.
-Ryleigh is off to bed – very unhappy b/c she can’t have juice.
-Jeff & I work on folding the massive amount of clean laundry that has somehow managed to pile up


collette said...

Quite a day, sweetheart! But it sounded lovely to me. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful to take all the pictures and post them. I know it means so much to your families, because I can't wait to check out your blog and see them. Ryleigh's hair looks so precious. I love all the orange, but why wasn't Jeff wearing orange? HA!

You have such neat decorating ideas. I need you to come down and tell me what I should do with my house.
Aunt D.