Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Yard sale season is finally in full force around here & I am loving every minute of it! Up to
this point, I'd only been to a few yard sales this season, but today I hit the "Mother Lode". Accompanied by Ryleigh & my sister, Brenda, I was able to take several hours this morning browsing to my little heart's content. Somehow, finding good deals at yard sales is my version of "retail therapy" & I especially like it because I can usually find stuff that I need for amazing prices! Now, I'm really not the type of yard sale-er that is just out to accumulate more STUFF. We have more than enough STUFF in our house! I usually have some specific things in mind that we need to find & I am always amazed at how when I ask Him to, God helps me to find those things at just the right prices.

Today, I was mainly on the lookout for clothes for Ryleigh. She is growing so fast that she has almost outgrown her entire wardrobe - yikes! ;-) Again, I simply couldn't believe how much I was able to find for her today. A definite answer to an unspoken prayer!

As you can see by the picture, I was also able to find quite a few other goodies, too!


Charity said...

I did some garage-saling myself this weekend! Got some good finds! I love finding things cheap too!

collette said...

Love the way you took this picture...and glad to see that you got some good deals!

Kara Plank said...

Good for you!!! I think I saw Brenda and your van this morning in NB. I got some great clothes at the yard sale you were leaving. Glad you didn't buy it all. :P