Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thrifting is my new favorite pastime!

Even though I'm a little late, I decided to join up with the Today's Thrifty Treasures party going on over at Southern Hospitality. These are only a few of my fantastic finds from Saturday's thrifting adventures.

I have fallen in love with frames & I love to use them all over my house. This one has some beautiful detail on it & I think will look so cute spray painted white & then roughed up a little. I'm not sure if I like the print or not, so I may end up taking that out. Either way, it was well worth the .50 that I paid for it!

Another frame (that was being passed by because of the nasty plastic flowers inside) - this one was $2.

Gotta love the beautiful detail on it. I'll most likely leave this one the way it is (minus the burlap background & plastic flowers, of course! ;-), cause I like it's shabby look. I'm not completely sure of where I'll put it or what I'll do to make it over, but stay tuned for photos of the finished project. (How's that for incentive to actually DO something with it, rather than let it gather dust in the basement while I get over my fear of messing it up?!)

This chippy yellow canister (probably once used as a trash can) is already being put to good use in my entryway closet. I've needed something in there to hold stuff like tripods & umbrellas and this baby (only $1!) is just perfect for the job!

And finally... the best deal of the day was this matching set of night stands. I've been on the lookout for night stands for our room, but haven't found anything just the right size (our room is kinda small). I snapped these up when I found the pair of them for $15! I know they're not the most beautiful things right now, but I with a little black spray paint, I think they'll suit our needs quite nicely. Again, be on the lookout for photos of the finished project to come.


Anonymous said...

Black paint! I had to laugh. Uncle Marty constantly asks the girls, "Why do you want to ruin a good finish with paint?"
It seems like it runs in the family.

Great finds!

collette said...

I laugh too, Darlene....I have taken the black paint to some old pieces, and Philip has just cringed! But he had to admit later that they looked "cool"!

Love the frames, Shari. And love you, too!