Sunday, January 14, 2007

Busy week...

It's been a busy week. I've been working on getting ready for company (my Grandparents & Ana are coming for a visit next week) & also putting finishing touches on my Hall of Fame layouts. I'm all done except for actually putting the entry together - which I'm told can be somewhat time-consuming. The contest deadline isn't until Feb 10th, but I'm hoping to get it in the mail by Jan 22nd. That's pretty optimistic, though, considering the week we ahead of us! ;-)

Jeff is taking Contemporary Missions, an Intersession class he has to take to complete his graduation requirements. Anyhow... the class always does a 3-day field study (touring different mission organizations in the Philadelphia area & studying about different missions strategies) - and Ryleigh & I are going along. I took this class four years ago & enjoyed it a lot... I think we're going to a lot of the same places.

When we get back on Wednesday, Jeff will be responsible for the annual "commissioning" service that our church always holds for Penn View's new representative groups. Bro. Plank is going to be away at a revival this week, so Jeff will also be in charge of Sunday services. I'm trying to help him put together some special things because it will be Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. I am a peer counselor at the local crisis pregnancy center, so I need to pick up some brochures & information packets as well as create a special bulletin insert. Anyhow... it's going to be a busy week, but I'll leave you with this picture of Ryleigh doing her usual thing - making a mess. Her new favorite thing to do is pull books off the bookshelf. She's already gotten in trouble several times for doing this!


Myranda said...

Absolutely adorable!! Maybe not to you, but....the rest of us think it is! 8-)

Have a good week with your family - sounds like a busy one. Hope services go good for you!


Luanna J. Wright said...


Looks like the baby is having fun!