Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Week In the Life: Friday Photos + Words

Friday Routines:
-Wake up at 5 a.m. & realize that Grant is crying. I try to ignore him & hope that he goes back to sleep. No such luck….
-Go get Grant & feed him. Smell a funny smell & realize that the reason he woke up so early is that he has a messy diaper. Jeff’s alarm goes off while I’m changing Grant.
-I put Grant back to bed & try for just a few more minutes’ sleep.
-I’m barely conscious when Jeff comes to kiss me goodbye as he heads for the woods.
-Oops! I slept too long. It’s 7 a.m. & I wake up to hear Grant crying & Ryleigh hollering, “Mama, Grant’s crying!” I have NO idea how long this has been going on! ;-)
-Grant plays for awhile in his playpen while I make myself a cup of herbal tea with honey. My sinuses have been draining & some hot tea sounds like just the thing to soothe my sore throat.
-Morning devotions while I’m drinking my tea.
-Jeff comes home early from hunting. He’s in the mood for a hot breakfast & offers to make potatoes & eggs. I won’t complain!
-Put Grant down for a nap after breakfast because he can barely keep his eyes open. Ryleigh wants to kiss him goodnight. She says, “I wuv you, Grant!” and just melts my heart!
-I take a little bit of time to do some recording in my Word document & then it’s off to Curves.
-Back home. Feed Grant
-Jeff decides to take Ryleigh with him when he goes visiting.
_Grant down for a nap.
_More research online for a new doctor…not having much luck. Most of the good doctors are either not accepting patients, don’t accept my insurance or have moved out of state. Now what?
-I decide to go take a much-needed nap while the house is quiet. Maybe things will look better when I’m not so tired.
-Wow! I slept for an hour and a half. I woke up when Ryleigh came into the room to inform me that Grant was crying. They just got back & heard him crying when they walked in the door. No idea how long he’d been at it. Poor guy.
-More documenting.
-Working together (Jeff, Ryleigh & I) to make fajitas for supper

-Ryleigh wants to help with the tortillas.
-Jeff gets a text from Matt saying that they really like the pictures. That makes my evening!
-Working on more laundry

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Lori said...

mmmmm, fresh tortillas, looks delish! It's been way too long!