Monday, October 13, 2008

A Week In the Life: Saturday/Sunday Photos + Words

I kind of let things go this weekend. I didn't document things quite as religiously as I should have, but I'm okay with that because it's LIFE. It just goes to show that Saturdays & Sundays are our busiest, least "routine" days of the week.

Saturday Routines:
-slept in & took a while getting up & around
-Ryleigh & Grant both slept in later than their normal wake-up times – Yeah!
-Jeff went to his usual Saturday morning bus workers’ meeting @ the church
-Grant went back down for a nap
-Ryleigh & I get ready for the day
-Jeff home around 10:45 a.m.
-Back out the door @ noon – headed to Barry & Dorothy Parthemer’s 50th Anniversary celebration @ the Bannerville Fire Hall
-Ryleigh suddenly acting shy among so many people
-Jennifer enjoys playing with her new phone
-Grant enjoying being held by Jamison, Marie & Christina
-Jeff, Matt & Bro. Plank help Tim Calhoun figure out why his sound system isn't working.
-Marie, Jeff, Matt, Christina & I laughing hysterically over something funny that keeps happening!
-Party is over - congratulate Barry & Dotty & then head for home around 4 p.m.
-Ryleigh & Grant both fall asleep on the way home
-Jeff & I work on straightening up the house for Sunday while the kids nap
-Ryleigh wakes up from her nap & eats leftover tortillas w/butter & cheese for supper
_Jeff & I eat leftover fajitas – definitely just as good as they were last night!
_Jeff & Ryleigh head out the door to Saturday evening prayer @ the church
-Grant & I stay home & finish getting ready for Sunday (setting out clothes for each of the kids, packing the diaper bag, etc.)
-Put Grant to bed
-Sit down at the computer to blog & enjoy my Dr. Pepper
Sunday Routines:
-Grant awake @ 5 a.m.
-I groggily feed him & put him back to bed
-Jeff’s alarm goes off @ 6 a.m.
-Up @ 6:30 a.m. to get Ryleigh up & ready to go to church w/Daddy
-Ryleigh is extremely grumpy – picks at her breakfast & fusses while I try to comb her hair.
-Finally get Ryleigh & Jeff out the door by 7:45 a.m.
-Put Grant back down for a nap while I get ready for church, eat breakfast, etc.
-Running late for church… get there around 9:30 a.m.
-Enjoy the last few minutes of Bro. Richards’ Sunday School lesson
-Get Ryleigh from Sunday School
-She made a lamb mask & is having fun showing it off to everyone
-Jeff, Doug & Steve sing “There Is” for a special song. They do a fantastic job & it sounds really good!
-Good service. End up taking Ryleigh out to the bathroom 2x & Grant to the nursery to feed him 1x. As usual, feels like I’m traipsing in & out all service long.
-Feeling really drained & tired after service.
-Head home & fix lunch – quesadillas & leftover fajitas
-Put kids & myself to bed; Jeff stays up to prepare for the youth service that he’s in charge of this evening.
-Ryleigh refuses to nap & keeps hollering “Mama, I’m awake - I wanna get up, now!”, which I hear as I drift in and out of sleep.
-Finally, Jeff lets her get up & she has fun twirling around & around the living room.
-Jeff ends up going to church early (3:30) & taking Ryleigh with him so that I don't have to deal with getting both kids out the door.
-I enjoy a snack of apples w/dip & a good book
-Grant up @ 4 p.m. – in a really happy mood!
-Feed Grant & let him play beside me on the bed while I read a little while longer.
-Get ready & go to church.
-Pass Grant off to Christina while I take Ryleigh to the nursery to comb her hair.
-Jeff has put together a great youth service. He normally uses his monthly youth service to give an update on the Bus Ministry. This time, he & the bus captains are taking the church people on a “virtual bus ride”. It’s hilarious to watch them re-enacting the way some of the kids sometimes behave on the bus.
-Another good evening service. God has really been helping us in our church services & giving us a spirit of revival!
-Jeff, Doug & Steve sing another song together. It’s not really often that they sing together twice on a Sunday, but it just worked out that way this time.
-A little visiting after church, then home & to bed.


Anonymous said...

Shari, isn't it amazing all the things you get done as a mom!! All the things we do that get takin for granted! Anyways, i have enjoyed getting to see your life for a week! And... if they keep making an idiot of my husband in youth service I'm not coming anymore!LOL!!

collette said...

Oh, Shari, your dad and I just about cried to see how grown up Grant looks! Please don't let him grow anymore until I see at Christmas....he's so sweet.

Sounds like a busy weekend. When does Jeff sleep, anyway?